Sitcoms and Natural Hair Talk

Reed Tonight Hola and happy hump day!  Did you guys watch Reed Between the Lines last night? If you missed it the focus of the episode was Carla (played by Tracee Ellis Ross) teaching her daughter the importance of being herself.  In this case the situation was her daughter straightening her natural curls/changing her appearance to impress a boy.

They touched on the problems that come with using chemically relaxers—damage, no curls and heat!  Carla expressed her dislike of permanently straightening her hair and especially since it was being done for acceptance.  I was a bit shocked but happy to see that this was being addressed on a tv show.  I know the writers are responsible for the storyline but I also believe that TRE had a hand in that as well.  Either way I think that it is great to show young girls that it is ok to be who you are and not reform for anyone/anything.  What are your thoughts on this?

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive when I heard the show was premiering but it is growing on me little by little.  My curiosity of TRE’s wardrobe and gorgeous hair is enough to make me continue to tune in.  Will you?



3 thoughts on “Sitcoms and Natural Hair Talk

  1. I like that they touched on this topic. I also appreciate that the mom wasn’t against relaxers and was going to get her daughter’s hair professionally done.

    I feel like they emphasized staying true to yourself without bashing relaxers.

    As for tuning in…let’s just say I won’t be rushing to the television for this one :-/
    The acting is so dry to me, and the characters have no chemistry whatsoever. The children are particularly dreadful.

    1. Hi NHBG! I agree, it was great that they talked out this on prime time tv. Staying true to yourself is always the best way to go whether it involves hair or anything else. I know what you mean there is something a bit off with the show, perhaps it is a little forced? Who knows…again I will tune in to check the hair and style of the fab Tracee Ellis Ross though.

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