I Want…Free People!

Hola peeps!  I hope all is good.  Just sharing this look that I love!  I was browsing on Free People and came across this vegan leather jacket **which I have been on the prowl for** in the lineup.  I clicked to pic and found this lovely model dressed in everything that I Want!  From the turban headband down to the boots.. For details or to buy go here.  Enjoy!




7 thoughts on “I Want…Free People!

    1. I know…I adore that bag! Since small bags started trending in early Spring I was in love with them (and prior) and snatched up a few. It still doesn’t matter though I always end up going back to my bigger bags. I suppose living in NY and not having a car I need to carry all of my essentials with me throughout the day. Somedays I need an extra pair of shoes (flats/heels), makeup/hair products if I am going somewhere after work, or just to carry around my biz stuff (camera, planner, etc.) Sometimes it sucks because if I had a car it would be easy to throw it all in there but living here there is no way I can travel without my stuff—sadly only a large bag will do. Except on weekends if I am going out or something :o)

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