KMS California High Style—NYFW 2011

Hola peeps!  Finally I am starting to post pics and recaps of all of my NYFW events.  I know what you are thinking but it is better late than never—right!?!  After the IFB Conference was over **pics coming soon** we were chauffeured via a private party bus downtown to the Hotel on Rivington for the KMS California High Style event.

The event was held in the penthouse and it was filled with fashion and hair enthusiast galore.  KMS has revamped their image—they updated their product packaging, reaching out to social media, and adding products.  They have a little something for everyone whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy.  I was lucky enough to be gifted some products for my curlz.  I haven’t tried them yet but I will definitely share a review when I do.  Have you guys tried their products yet?  If so what was your experience?  For now enjoy the pics…I truly had a blast!

Stylist Garret Scissorhands Hamabata working his magic on the model's hair.
The aftermath---gorgeous!
Stylist Sonna Brado working it out on the model's hair.
The finished pretty.
Stylist Michael Crispel setting the model's beautiful fiery red tresses.
Crowd control...
Moist Repair---revival creme
Add Volume products
Free Shape products



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