NYC Fashion’s Night Out

Hola peeps!  Slowly but surely posts from fashion week will begin to trickle in.  However, first up is FNO!  I dipped in and out of a few stores, I just couldn’t handle the madness.  NYC was filled with fashionistas with smiles on their faces, shopping bags on their shoulders and cocktails in their hands.

After work I sprinted to Lord & Taylor to see if I could catch a glimpse of Solange DJ’ing…FAIL!!  I searched every floor and either I was too early or too late….no sighting at all!  In the meantime I was able to snap a few pics of designer- Vince Camuto and editor Suze Yalof Schwartz to name a few.  As well as some crowd shots of the mayhem.

The fashion crowd at Lord & Taylor.
"Wear This, Not That" (Editor at Large)---Suze Yalof Schwartz
Models striking a pose at Lord & Taylor
Designer---Vince Camuto

After leaving Lord & Taylor I then trekked it up to 34th Street to Macy’s.  I knew that it would be crazy but I didn’t expect to be at a standstill.  Walking was nearly impossible in there!  Trying to avoid the first floor chaos I went upstairs and stumbled upon the smooth sounds of violinist Miri Ben-Ari.  I adore her gorgeous curls.  Check out the shots…

Insanity at Macy's.
Violinist---Miri Ben-Ari
Her curlz are so pretty!
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Alum---Carson Kressley

The last stop of the night was Sephora and as the other stores—it was crazy crowded.  Music was blasting, make-up sessions were going on and shoppers were snatching up items by the bundle.  Here is a snapshot:

Sephora Make-up consultant does a makeover.

So there you have it, overall the night was fun but I can do without the madness.  I glanced in a few other stores but didn’t take pics.  I think next year I will try a different neighborhood like the Meatpacking District or MAYBE Soho **I heard the crowds were riot size there though!** instead of sticking to Midtown.  Oh and guess what—I didn’t shop at all.  Shocking I know!  How was your FNO?  Where did you go, what did you buy?  Tell all…



2 thoughts on “NYC Fashion’s Night Out

  1. So upset I missed the festivies in my area. Belk had something going on and the mall was celebrating as well.
    I love Vince Camuto shoes, they sell them on HSN and I’ve seen them in Belk. Prices aren’t bad!
    OMG the girl with the blue wig on looks like “Ok my feet are hurting”

    1. The crowds were out of control here in NY. Next year I will not be going o any department stores I plan to stick to small boutiques in hopes of avoiding the mania! Ditto I love Cinve Camuto as well. Too funny about the model..haha.

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