Fashion Week Essentials for the Natural Chica

Hola!  Time has flown by and fashion week is finally upon us.  I have been taking mental notes and pics of what I need, what to wear, and what to bring along with me as I go from work, to a fashion show, and then to an event.  Sadly I have not worked out the clothing that much, as normal it will depend on my mood and the weather of course **RAIN is in the forecast**. 

However, my hair has been on my mind and the essentials that I will need in my bag to ensure no epic fails when it comes to my curlz the next few weeks.  Most likely I will be starting out with a WNG, then on to an up-do and finishing off with a stretched style **hopefully**.  No matter the style these  items are definitely going in my NYFW Hair Kit:

**Bobby pins–helps with fly-aways, failed twist-outs and creates a flawless up-do in seconds

**Banana clip–buns, puffs, and side-swept cascading curls can all be styled using this one item

**Mini spray bottle–filled with a mixture of h20 and essentials oils to maintain moisture

**Gel/pomade–travel size is enough to tame unruly tresses in a slicked out bun or flat twists

**Mini brush–used to smooth edges out if needed

**Decorative headband or hair adornment–just in case all else fails and you need something to remain cute and a bit in tact (click the pic to see more on etsy)

I hope that this list of essentials helps you out whether it be during fashion week or any day of the week.  You never know when you just might need one of these items.  What do you think….would you add anything else?  Do tell…



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