Monday’s Muse—Ledisi

Hola peeps!  I hope that you are enjoying your Labor Day and that it is a safe one. Today’s muse is the talented songstress Ledisi.  I adore her smooth vocals, flawless skin and gorgeous locs!  If I were to loc I would want mine to be exactly like hers.  She is looking even more fab as of late, it appears that she has dropped a few pounds showing off a more lean and healthy body.  Keep it up!




4 thoughts on “Monday’s Muse—Ledisi

    1. Thank you for the compliment! Yes definitely try different techniques but as I mentioned before try Curlformers or even those thick (usually blue or pink) bendable rods. either or those should do the trick when setting your locs :o)

    1. Hi Sharlotte! I am more versed in natural curlz and not locs **I am learning though**. However I do believe that something like this can be achieved by using Curlformers. I know that alot of natural women use them to set their hair for more of a ringlet look, so I think that it would have the same effect on locs. Check out your local beauty supply store of curl mart. I hope this helps. I will also check around and see if I can do a possible post on this style in future. Good luck and stop by again :o)

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