My Hair Update—August Hair Collage

Hola!  Where in the world did August go?!?  Well you know what that means—My Hair Update!  This month I was pretty lazy with my hair and didn’t experiment much.  WNGs were my staple style with a occassionly up-do thrown in the mix.  My hair has grown a lot but you can’t tell because of the crazy shrinkage!  This fall I want to try stretching my hair so I can have more length.  Currently I’m thinking I may try a roller set but I am scared cause I haven’t used heat in 3 years!  Please if you know of any great heat-protective products then give me shout.  That is all for the month and we are on to the next :o)



6 thoughts on “My Hair Update—August Hair Collage

  1. I recently did a rollerset. I used Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioning Cream and Grapeseed Oil to protect my hair from the heat. It worked like a charm.

    1. Hi Miss Moon! I have no idea but shrinkage is no joke…haha! I am kinda excited that fall is coming so I can try more protective styles and stretching without worrying about humidity for a change. Thanks for the hair compliment and for stopping by :o)

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