Highlight of the VMA’s—Bey’s baby bump and the color Red

Hola!  Ok, so at first I wasn’t going to watch the VMA’s but I fell victim to it via twitter **follow me**.  I am kinda glad I did or else I would have missed out on Beyoncé’s announcement and Jay-Z’s proud papi moment—BJ on the way!  Congrats are in order to them both.  I also couldn’t help but notice that the color Red made quite an appearance tonight on the mommy-to-be as well as the guys—Justin Beiber and Pitbull.  Not sure if I am liking this trend of red pants for guys, although I thought that Kanye rocked them pretty well here.  Check out the pics below.  Did you watch?  What was your highlight of the night?

Bey rubbing the belly...awe cute!
Congrats to Mr and Mrs. Carter!
Justin Bieber in RED pants...not to be mean but he is just so awkward.
Pitbull in RED pants. -Getty images.



4 thoughts on “Highlight of the VMA’s—Bey’s baby bump and the color Red

  1. LOL! Who ain’t happy for them! Jay getting up their and he wants a family so. Best wishes to them!
    Your in the fashion business! Whats up with the jean outfits for men? Are they back or something. I’m not feeling them at all!

    1. Def best wishes to them! Hummm now Ye’s jean outfit I don’ t have much to say. As of right now I don’t see the full on jean ensemble trending much in the fall forecast but then again it is Ye he pretty much does what the heck he wants…haha. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it wasn’t so washed out; perhaps if it was a darker denim then it wouldn’t appear to harsh and more dressy. Alot of peeps on twitter/fb were commenting on Jay’s Tims asking if they were coming back. Frankly here in NY they never really went out. I know I have been seeing more ads that they have added more cushion for comfort and installation for warmth. I say rock your Tim’s fellas just make sure they stay clean **hate smudge marks**.

  2. Justin Bieber looked like mini Kanye WEst in that outfit! I kept saying to myself last night that outfit was so KAnye! Pitbull not feeling his outfit. B looked stunning. Although recently she’s got on my nerves I’m glad she is finally prego and I wish them the best.

    1. Hey! Haha so funny about Justin Bieber and yes he stole Kanye’s entire look. What was up with that strong four finger ring he had on? Not feeling Pitbull either but I love that Bey and Jay are welcoming a little one! I am so happy for them as if I know them personally :o)

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