Pause for a Cause—Forget your Worries & Help East Africa

Hola peeps!  I sit here slumped over my computer, in an exhausted and somber mood I almost didn’t even do a post today.  However, that was until I was about to check my email and I saw this video on Yahoo whereas celebs and the music of the late great Bob Marley are bringing people together to help those in dying need of help in East Africa.  I’ve been seeing images and plan to donate to help but just hadn’t gotten around to it.  Why?—I suppose I have been too busy with my own worries and that is not cool.  I pride myself in having a heart especially for those that are less fortunate because I do understand, maybe not to the extreme but I do.

It is kinda of bittersweet to see these images as it seems like this is the only time that Africa truly gets it’s shine in the media (bad images); yet they never expose or talk about the continent which is rich in natural resources, beautiful people, and all the progress that has been made there.  On that note I am asking everyone to please watch this video, help if you can and please spread the word.  Based on CNN reports yesterday the potential lost of life could be as great as 12,000,000 because they cannot get food and the proper essentials just to live.  We can not let these people disappear, it is our duty as human beings to help.

 To help go here.





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