Will U Watch: ANTM All Stars?

Hola peeps!  Have you heard that America’s Next Top Model: All Stars will start airing on Sept 14th?  I must admit it has been quite some time since I have watched  **college days**.  I suppose I was tired of seeing episode after episode of cat fights, same judge’s feedback and lack of “real” girls with model potential I kinda fell off.  However, I do have my faves that I wouldn’t miss—Bre, Mercedes, and Naima to name a few.  Well, next month we all can check out the best of the bunch in action once again.  Tell me, will you be watching?

Bre, Bianca, Camille, and Angelea will all be on Top Model: All Stars




5 thoughts on “Will U Watch: ANTM All Stars?

  1. Since moving in with my hubby-to-be… I admit I haven’t seen the most recent cycles of ANTM. But I have a feeling homey is going to have to get used to it, because this looks AWESOME and some of my favorites will be back! LOL

  2. I hadn’t even heard about it, so thanks for the info! (Looks like I need to make a trip to the CW website pronto.) Of course I’m going to watch. Bre, Bianca (cycle 9), Eva, and YaYa were some of my favorites.

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