Monday’s Muse—YaYa DaCosta

Hola!  It’s Monday yet again, dang the weekend goes by fast!  Let’s kick the week off with the beautiful former America’s Next Top Model runner-up YaYa DaCosta as today’s muse.  Although she didn’t win her career has simply flourished since then.  From print ads, runway, commercials, and tv she is working it.  I always admired her hair; she isn’t afraid to switch it up a bit.  Check out the pics…enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Monday’s Muse—YaYa DaCosta

  1. I’ve followed YaYa’s career since she became runner up on Cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model. I’m so happy her acting career has taken off, as well as modeling. If anyone hasn’t seen it yet, check her out in the film “The Kids Are Alright.” YaYa is absolutely amazing in this movie! She should be around for many, many years. Thanks for featuring her.

    1. Hi Lizz! I agree with you she does seem like someone that will be around for awhile–much luck to her. I love her hair! Anytime I enjoy sharing my muses with you all :o)

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