Summer ’74—BK Style

Hola mi gentes!  I hope all is good with ya!  I believe that it was a week or so ago that I shared this link of vintage photos of Brooklyn in the summer of 1974 on my Facebook page.  However I had to pull a few to post here as well for the non-fb peeps :o)  I don’t know I just love looking at old pics from back in the day and comparing them to how times have changed.  I selected these pics because there was a certain something about each of them—everyone depicted and stirred up a feeling that I couldn’t kick.  Although times were hard then and even more so now each pic shows people smiling and enjoying life.  I think now we all see how small the world really is and that everyone is connected in one way or another; it just goes to show that we all can and should get along despite our differences. 

**All pics taken by Danny Lyon.

Kosciusko Public Swimming Pool in the heart of Bed-Stuy, July 1974

Playing softball in Highland Park

Two Latino girls pose in front of graffiti in Lynch Park, Brooklyn

Walking along Bushwick Ave. 

Three girls on Bond Street in Brooklyn.

Boy Scout Leader recruiting among Latino Youths in the Bed-Stuy District.

Children at the beach in Riis Park, Brooklyn

Latin youth at Lynch Park, Brooklyn.

Basketball playground in Brooklyn

RKO Bushwick Theater



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