Natural Hair Scene—Baltimore style

Hola peeps!  I hope that your weekend is going great.  As for me I am dragging a bit, I blame the last holiday weekend  **hard to get back into the swing**.  If you are a fb fan then you know that I mentioned I attended the African-American Arts Festival in Baltimore while visiting fam for the 4th.  It was a two-day festival of food, culture, music, crafts and fun!  I was able to snap a few shots of the natural hair scene and festivities of the weekend.  Enjoy!

Miss Jessie's ladies
the goods that saved my holiday curlz....thanks Miss Jessie's ladies!
mini curlz cutie posing for a pic
check the side view...i may
blond fade + big bow= naturally fab!
caught in mid-pick...she was making her fro larger!
mommy and me sweet
African artifacts....this sculpture was so life-like
hand-crafted jewelry
my niece Angel rocking her braid-out fro...<3<3
crowd control listening/watching Charlie Wilson perform
dancing water and night it!

There are more pics that I will eventually add to the fb page so be sure to check it out.  So did you rock your ‘fro on the 4th?  Do tell…share pics!



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