My Hair Update—June Hair Collage

Hola mi gentes!  I hope all is good.  Well, here we are another month has flown by and it is time for my hair update!  As you can see from the collage, I took a lot of pics in June.  My regimen hasn’t changed much; WNG’s are still my bff, Giovanni’s Weightless Moisture Direct Leave-in remains my go-to conditioner, and EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel continues to maintain my curlz and frizz control.  One last constant—GROWTH!  You would think I am shampooing with fertilizer as much as it growing…lol.  How was your June hair experience?



2 thoughts on “My Hair Update—June Hair Collage

  1. your hair is beautiful!…all is going well with my hair also. Re- visited one of my favorite natural hair lines” Qhemet Biologics” Relaizing, thus far the have one of the best moisturizing products out:)) they are my new holy grail products, along with a couple more products. I am loving the eco styler as well currently I fell in love with the “blue”.:))

    Thanks for sharing your pictures, take care


    1. Hi Zainab! Thanks for the hair compliment. I have heard many naturals say good things about Qhemet Biologics, I just may have to give them a try. Thanks for stopping by as usual :o)

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