Hair Talk—Coming Down from My Natural High

Hola!  Well, time is flying and I am coming up on 2 years natural (Oct 12th to be exact), I have been reflecting a lot on different stages I have gone through since my transition days back in 2008.  The first phase—transition, was filled with fear and excitement all rolled into one.  During that time I was experimenting like crazy with styles, products and CUTTING my hair every week!  It was fun yet I really didn’t know what I was doing , as I continued to research and do what I thought was best for my hair at that time.  The second phase—new natural, I felt relieved that the relaxed ends were gone but a bit more frustrated as what to do with this new head of hair.  As time went by I learned to listen to my hair and continued on in bliss, loving every strand of my curlz.  Now in the third phase—I feel as if I am coming down off of my natural high; I am not trying every new product, style and only cut when I see fairy knots.  Don’t get my wrong I love being natural but the excitement that I see some new naturals have with BC’ing, products or being able to rock a puff for the first time is gone.  Sucks because I miss those days of not knowing what my hair is going to do next.  Now, although I still get surprised, I pretty much can guess how my hair is going to react to the humidity, different styles, and products.

So, I wonder am I the only one that feels this way?  Have you come down from your natural high?  Do tell…


4 thoughts on “Hair Talk—Coming Down from My Natural High

  1. Eight and a half years of being natural and I’m over it. Had a big hair/don’t care week. Thanks for the inspiration, but I just blew it straight for a little change this week. Back to the curls next week! 🙂

    1. I know what you mean Lizz. I love my natural hair but I’m not as excited as I was before, however as I mentioned in my post with each stage I look forward to learning something new about my hair.

  2. i’m 2.5 years in and in the same phase…i barely think about my hair these days, just wash once a week, twist, pin up……lol, i wish that i was all gung ho about it again, but yeah, not really. when i go get it done at a salon for the first time i’ll be excited

    1. Hi Vonnie! I know exactly what you mean. My gitty feeling has passed yet I am looking forward to what the future holds for my natural hair…stay tuned :o)

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