Fashion @ the 2011 BET Awards

Hola peeps!  Well if you were following our fb page you know that I was in tune with the the 2011 BET Awards.  There were some hits (Patti LaBelle and Beyonce’s performance killed it) and some misses (that shall remain nameless).  I honestly watched mainly to see what everyone was wearing of course.  Normally I would have atleast one person that I claim as a fave but not at this show…unfortunately the fashions fell short.  Check the pics…

Nelly 2011 BET Awards

Nicki Minaj 2011 BET Awards

Lala Vazquez 2011 BET Awards

Ashanti 2011 BET Awards


Since I didn’t have a fave look, I am leaving it up to you. Who was best dressed in your opinion? Do tell…



4 thoughts on “Fashion @ the 2011 BET Awards

    1. Ugh, everyone was a H.A.M. at that the show with the exception of my girl Tracee Ellis Ross. Some were overdone and others were underdressed. They all need new stylists! Oh and what was up with Lala and her padded booty?!?! Crazy!

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