Hair Talk—Big Hair…Don’t Care

Hola peeps! Just a quickie pic of my BIG HAIR.  I posted this a few days ago on our FB fan page **if you aren’t a fan then you need to be asap** in case you missed it.  This “big hair” was a result of an old WNG that I had been playing in for days and it was time for a wash.  It amazes me how much my hair has grown since I did my final chop back in 2009.  I still haven’t and really don’t plan on using direct heat to stretch my hair but if I did the back/sides would reach BSL (bra strap length) and the front is about 2.5 inches below my chin.  Shrinkage is insane in the membrane…lol!

I think that this growth is a result of minimum manipulation, careful consideration of hair products, no heat and patience.  Many naturals have asked me how I retain length and this is exactly what I say every time.  Some may not believe it, as people have said to me “well your hair just grows fast” which is not true!  Listen, learn and love your hair….you will be rewarded in the end!

2 thoughts on “Hair Talk—Big Hair…Don’t Care

    1. Thank you! I’m still on the fence about some people hair growing faster. I think that all hair grows the same amount each month but it how you take care of their growth is what actually retains the length. We all most learn the importance of caring for our hair.

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