Meet Mintbox

Hola!  I know that you all love to shop and want great deals as too, so I would like to introduce you to Mintbox.  I have partnered with them to bring you the latest and greatest deals on all things fashion and beauty!  They are different from the other shopping sites; you not only get items at great prices but you can earn cash back as well!  C’mon who doesn’t love that!  Oh, so you may be wondering what I get if I participate as a blogger?!  Well, if you click and shop via the widget on my blog I can earn a few bucks or I can take that and donate it to a charity of my choice.  I think that it is a pretty sweet deal.  I plan to try it out for awhile and see how it goes **only if I can get the dang widget to work properly**.

This week Mintbox is featuring Nars, French Connection, ShopBop and Saks Fifth Ave.  So why not sign up and check it all out.  Click this link and you will be asked a few questions to customize your online/in-store shopping experience or you can click access below.   Enjoy and happy shopping!

Choose a store and make your own personal request for private offers & invitations.





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