Recap—NYC Natural’s Night Out

Hola mi gentes!  I hope all is good.  As promised I am sharing with you my experience of NYC Natural’s Night Out event.   I enjoyed meeting Jane Carter, networking with fellow bloggers, and seeing the gorgeous tresses that were in the room.  However,  I know that their intentions were good but it fell a wee bit short of my expectations. 

I don’t mean to offend anyone because that is not what SNC is all about but I must be honest.  I went thinking that the space (Openhouse Gallery in Soho) would have been bigger, filled with vendors, products and entertainment.  Yet there were only a few natural hair care product lines (Jane Carter and Wonder Curl to name a few) there and the hair show was a quick walk-thru.   

I was able to get a few pics of  mega Vlogger Taren916 as she strutted down the walkway rockin’ a cute short ‘do.  The highlights of my night was chatting with Jane Carter  **she is so nice** and admiring the beauty of the natural hair that was all around.

Overall, I feel that with more time and organization this event can return to NYC next year and be bigger and better!  Not to worry ChicandKinky….Naturals Unite….the support is here :o)  Check out the pics!

Jane Carter of Jane Carter Solution
Leola of and I
crowd shot of curlz
Nedjetti and team of Hair by
Luscious Lovely Curlz
Vlogger Taren showing off her new short curlz!
more pretty curlz and cool jewels...
precious curlz
pretty high bun
a cute TWA
i love the fullness of her hair!
super cute cut! i wish i had a frontal pic!
love the diversity of curlz shown here!

***I hope that you enjoyed the pics and the versatility of natural curlz.  I will be adding more to our Facebook fan page later today.  If you haven’t LIKED us yet then what are you waiting for??  😮




10 thoughts on “Recap—NYC Natural’s Night Out

  1. I am super excited to hear that there will be a Fall Natural’s Night Out!!! Whoo Hoooo!!!

    @ CNK – Even in the Natural Hair Community, there are going to be (70’s Baby Reference) Statlers and Waldorfs regardless of what you’re presenting. LOL You have the right attitude, recognizing you will not please everyone all of the time. 🙂

  2. thanks for this post and the comments.

    We are VERY aware that this was our 1st event, and was very excited to put it together and even more amazed about the turn out! We received positive and negative feedback, and took all into consideration.
    Although we cannot please EVERYONE , we are definitely taking all the comments into consideration to provide a much better Natural’s Night Out!

    We thanked everyone for coming out and are currently working on our Fall Natural’s Night Out!!

    hope to see you ladies there, and thanks for the continued support!

    1. HI CNK! I would first like to say thank you for putting together such an event for us NYC naturals. I understand the timing and patience it takes to do this—it is much appreciated. The night was filled with lovely naturals and that is all that matters most. I will continue to support you and the natural ladies of the metro area. I am looking forward the next year’s event. Keep me posted and I will definitely help/spread the word any way I can. Thank you for stopping by SNC :o)

  3. Yes!! I am so happy to read a positive take on the event! It wasn’t the most organized or polished, but I had a blast and will definitely be showing my support and attending Chic & Kinky events in the future!! Again, I am glad to see someone else accentuate the positive of the experience!! 🙂

    1. Hi Miss Moon! Thank you and I appreciate your positive feedback. I give full support to CNK because I know how difficult it can be to organize a full on event like this. Big-ups to her because atleast she took the initiative to have one of the first in NYC. We all learn from our mistakes, therefore I know that next year will be bigger and better for sure. Thanks for the stopping by as well :o)

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