My Hair Update—May Hair Collage

Hola!  I hope all is good on this Saturday for you.  Today I am looking forward to having lots of fun at the Natural’s Night Out event hosted by  I will be sure to take lots of pics and come back with great info to share!

Now back to the post at hand—My Hair Update.  Another month has flown by crazy fast….where does time go?  The month of May didn’t bring any dramatic changes with my hair.  It is however retaining length which is good; yet with this growth I am experiencing more fairy knots.  Those little things are a pain in the a$$! As far as styles…hummm…that didn’t really happen this month either.  I basically rocked a WNG the entire time while interchanging different products.  EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel, Shea Moisture’s Curl & Shine Shampoo, and my own “Refresh Mix” are all in heavy rotation in my regimen.  So there you have it— my update.  Did you try anything new last month?  Enjoy the pics!



4 thoughts on “My Hair Update—May Hair Collage

  1. your hair look good!, I am currently growing out my natural hair so for me right now lacefronts 🙂 and then braids for the summer until its all grown out.

    1. Hi Ladorian!

      Thank you for the hair compliment. Yes the grow out process can be alot but it is worth it. As long as you keep your hair protected and don’t manipulate it much you wiil see tons of growth. Good luck! Stopy by again soon :o)

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