Step Away from the Brazilian Keratin Treatment!

Hola peeps!  I while back a reader asked me to find some info on BKT (Brazilian Keratin Treatment) however I am just getting around to posting.  **sorry**  First of all I must say that I do not support any chemicals that straighten the hair let alone cause damage to anyone’s health.  Yet I felt the need to post because it was requested and the dangers of this treatment really need to be spreaded.  I read about BKT on  **my fave info site on curlz** and they had tons of valuable info to share.  Check out the excerpt:

The Hazard Alert

“This Hazard Alert is not a standard or regulation, and it creates no new legal obligations.” — U.S. Department of Labor

1. OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has been investigating the presence of formaldehyde in the air of salons after receiving multiple complaints from stylists. What they found was that certain products labeled as “formaldehyde free” did in fact release formaldehyde into the air at levels above what OSHA allows. These products were not only falsely labeled, but they failed to provide any warnings, and formaldehyde did not appear on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Two of these smoothing treatments are the Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution and Brazilian Blowout Professional Brazilian Blowout Solution.

Note: Good Housekeeping recently published their own investigation in which they tested four salon brand products: Brazilian Blowout, Marcia Teixeira, Keratin Complex by Coppola, and Global Keratin Light Wave. Their researchers found that ALL four brands released formaldehyde into the air at levels that exceeded the acceptable amount regulated by OSHA

Read more here and for the alert that OSHA issued go here.

Have any of you tried BKT?  What was your experience like and would you do it again?  Do tell.


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