Brit-Brat and Free Your Mane Products

Hola!  I hope all is good.  Ok, I may be late on both but I stumbled upon new hair product line Free Your Mane and whilst browsing their blog found a lovely, grown-up Brit-Brat (Erica Gluck).  The 12-year-old is a supporter of the line and has matured into a nice young lady.  I as well as many others missed her on the most recent season of The Game since she was replaced.  Yet that has not stopped her from acting as she co-stars with singer Eric Benet in an upcoming film called Trinity Goodheart.  In all of her most recent pics she is rocking curlz; whereas I recall from the earlier days her hair was natural then in the later shows (The Game) they either relaxed or flat ironed her hair.  My vote goes to the curlz  **duh**!

Erica and her curlz!

As for the Free Your Mane products they seem to be for all hair types, contain natural ingredients and are moderately priced.  I have not tried any but I am curious…hummm.  The featured gift set includes:

  • Daily Detangling
  • Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • Hydrating Hair Masque
  • Restorative Hair Oil
  • Reviving Spray
  • Conditioning Pomade

Have any of you tried their products?  Do tell…

Gift Set with Tote



2 thoughts on “Brit-Brat and Free Your Mane Products

  1. Another natural hair care product? I’m on nhcp overload…I can’t take it! =) Do you ever feel like there’s way too much to choose from? I wish my pocketbook allowed me to try them all. I can’t help but wonder if I’m missing out on a great product everytime I run across something “new” that I’ve never seen before.

    1. Hey Tamika! I know exactly what you mean! Yet there are ways to not fall victim to being a product junkie. I experimented alot while I was transitioning but once I was fully natural I started to refrain from trying everything that was introduced to the market. As I became more familiar with what ingredients worked well with MY hair then I was able to narrow it down a bit. One thing is for sure my hair lovessssssss Eco-Styler gel. I know some peeps may not agree with all the ingredients but that is one styler that I cannot do without. It works everytime without fail for me! I say if you are eager to test products then why not see if it would be possible to get a sample before dishing out dinero on something that will not work. Alot of new natural hair care product companies are willing to do this—to get their name out and possibly to gain new customers. Also seek out natural hair events that you can go to, usually there are product swaps and tons of samples at these events that you can try. :o)

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