Naturals in Ads—LearnVe$t

Hola!  I hope all is good with you today.  I have spotted another beautiful natural in an ad, this time it is LearnVe$t showing us some love.  Her hair is full and lush!

I must say that I love this site!  It is filled with good quality info that is relatable for the everyday chica (o) and not fantasy living.  There are some “living well” sites that contain a lot of fluff but this one focuses on real life issues—money management, style & beauty, current events, health & fitness and the list goes on.  Check it out and enjoy!




2 thoughts on “Naturals in Ads—LearnVe$t

  1. Absolutely love the site… very informative. LearnVe$t made me feel exposed because I fell into so many of the categories dealing with money management. Never fear, with I will be bck on track with the budgeting calculator and boot camp! Lastly, I wanted to say that I am proud your site and happy about the year anniversary. Keep you the good work!

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