Hair Talk—Rainy Days

Hola!  I hope all is good.  It is pouring here in NYC and based on the weather channel majority of the east and northwest coasts are getting hammered with storms.  If you aren’t in either of those areas then you are blessed.  However, this weather can cause havoc to natural hair by creating tons of FRIZZ!!  I know I have mentioned before that my hair seems to thrive on moisture yet this is a bit too much for my hair to bare.  I was reading up on humectants and dew points on to see how it all balances out.  Check the following excerpt from the article:

If the dew point is below 35°F or so, the moisture content in the air is sufficiently low that a humectant applied to your hair might be irresistibly drawn to the moisture in your hair and make every attempt to steal it from you (by drawing it out of your hair and binding it to itself). This can result in dry, fly-away hair, split ends, and broken strands. This effect can often be compensated for by using plenty of moisturizing products, not over-drying your hair (leave it somewhat moist after washing), and layering leave-in conditioners with humectant-containing styling product.

Curly hair seems to really thrive in moderate climactic conditions, and dew point ranges of approximately 35°F to 50°F seem to be optimal. In this type of weather, most curlies find that they can get really pleasant results by using products that contain some humectants. There is just enough moisture in the air that the humectants can grab a little from the environment, which can enhance the curl and create a bouncy feeling to the hair.

When the dew point for your area is at 60°F or above, it might be a good idea to apply some product with anti-humectant properties. These products will seal the hair shaft, flatten the cuticle and prevent atmospheric moisture from absorbing into the interior of your strands. Most of these products will contain ingredients that are water insoluble. However, many of these products contain ingredients which are easily removed with an extremely mild shampoo or perhaps even a thorough conditioner wash.  To read the full article go here.

My overall take on the matter is to keep your curls hydrated and moisturized to combat frizz and dryness.  On rainy days like today I carry a small container of EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel or pomade with me just in case I need to smooth down my edges or fly-aways.  How do you handle rainy days?  Do tell..



4 thoughts on “Hair Talk—Rainy Days

  1. It’s pouring down rain here in Ohio and right now my hair is in a roller set after applying a leave-in conditioner and moisturizing mousse. Once the rollers come out the curls will be so tight there shouldn’t be any reason for them to go limp, which is what they otherwise do.

    1. Hi Lizz! Oh so you feel me on the rain today huh…lol. Yes a roller set does help but doesn’t the humidity in the air still make it fall? Just wondering, as I remember in my relaxed days a roller set on a rainy day meant frizz galore and droopy curls. How do you maintain yours?

  2. Great post …loaded with tons of great info, thanks!
    As for me , rain doesn’t bother my tresses at all , my hair is covered once I leave the house due to my Religion. So no worries here :))

    Take care,


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