My Hair Update—April Hair Collage

Hola peeps!  It’s that time again, another month has come to a close and I take a look back at my hair.  April was a wet and cold month so my hairstyles were based around what it was looking like outside my window.  I wore twist-outs, up-dos, and wash ‘n gos to get me through the madness.  My length check pic shows that my hair now reaches a little beyond APL when stretched.  Yippy!




4 thoughts on “My Hair Update—April Hair Collage

    1. I know what you mean! I say that I want to cut but I know that I won’t, for now I will continue my journey and see where it leads me. As for the caesar I like that idea atleast you will be starting fresh with your natural and you are contemplating so it may be the way to go for you. Give it some thought before jumping the gun though—as you don’t want regrets later. Keep me posted chica!

    1. Yeah but the weird thing is that my hair grows out and not down! So it always looks bigger not longer…lol :o) Another crazy thing is that I had scisssors in my hand over the weekend and I almost chopped it off. Idk getting a little bored with it but I will carry on!

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