Hair Talk—Transitioning & Humidity

Hola peeps!  A reader that is transitioning asked me for suggestions on how to maintain straight, unrelaxed hair in the summer **humidity!!!**  This is a tough one, my answer to her was to try braid-outs or twist-outs to blend the two different textures until she is ready to chop.  I explained that it would be hard to keep the hair straight in a humid climate without using some type of heat whether it be a flat-iron, blow drying, pressing or roller setting  **all of which I am against except for the latter**.  So I wanted to pass the baton to you guys and see what suggestions you may have.

How do you maintain straight hair (natural/transitioning) during the summer months?



4 thoughts on “Hair Talk—Transitioning & Humidity

  1. I haven’t relaxed my hair since November and I’m getting sick of my ponytail so I’m trying a straw set in the next couple of weeks to see how that looks. I can see alot of new growth and my natural waves. Not too sure on curls since my ends are still permed. Not sure how long this will last natural because I’m not thrilled in chopping off my hair since I just let it grow back. My hair is very thick and I noticed were my daughter gets her hair from with all the tangles though (muah) she has small curles like her Auntie!! So I’m just working on trying to keep it moisturized and not broke off. Need to find a good conditioner and invest in a nice wide tooth comb. I’m thinking of a few braided styles for the summer myself and depending how the straw set looks I might do that. It’s been nice not using the chemicals in mine or my daughter’s hair. Though with her hair it’s alot of work because her hair stays so tangled and I do blow her’s out with a brush.

    1. Hi Ms. Holland! Nice…nice do your best to keep it up. I know that it is hard to transition but it can be done. I use to curl my hair DAILY when I was relaxed and I am surprised that no major damage was done. I love the idea of straw sets while transitioning as it will allow your hair time to rest and not cause breakage at the demarcation line. If you get braids I would suggest french braids or something like that as it won’t pull at your edges as much or perhaps “genie braids” as suggested by reader Leonette. As for your daughter (xoxo) just keep doing what you are doing as you will get through this phase. Look for seamless combs so they don’t snag/rip at her hair and there are tons of budget-friendly conditioners that you can use as well. My cheap go to is Suave Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner—it gets the job done and cost no more than $3. Good luck and thanks for the feedback!

  2. I agree with your suggestions 100%. I would like to add “low tension” braids, such as Genie braids or kinky twists. I read an article once that stated that smaller braids cause the most tension on hair. This can lead to breakage at the demarcation line which is not good if she’s not ready to BC. As I transitioned, I wore the front of my hair braided and placed a afro piece in the back (kinda like Angela Davis). This was a beautiful style that kept me motivated to complete my transition. The afro piece was inexpensive and could be found at almost any BSS.

    1. Hi Leonette! Great, I am glad that someone agrees..haha. I also think that your “low tension” braids suggestion is great as well. The afro piece sounds like a cute and no key way to transition too! I know how hard it can be for people to put down the curling iron or whatever but it is only for the best. I transitioned for an entire year just with braid-outs and had no probs. I am also proud to say that no heat has touched my hair since 2008! Thanks for your feedback as I truly appreciate it and I know that the readers do to :o)

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