Do U Like— Chrisette Michele’s New ‘Do

Hola!  Welcome to another fun-filled work week **can you sense the**.  The natural hair community ranted and raved when Miss Chrisette Michele BC’d and it appears that since she has some length she is experimenting with more looks.  She was spotted out at Butter on Friday at Corynne Corbett’s birthday party debuting a new ‘do.  She is usually on point in my book but I am not sure how I feel about this look.  What do you think…do you like or not?






4 thoughts on “Do U Like— Chrisette Michele’s New ‘Do

  1. I like the concept of her new ‘do, but not the outcome. Big, natural hair is incredible, and the look can be achieved by a wig or a weave, but color, hair texture, and length have to be taken into consideration also. Quite frankly, I think her new ‘do looks fake, and if done right it really wouldn’t. Didn’t she shave her head not too long ago, or am I confusing her with someone else?

    1. Hi Lizz, I totally agree with you. I love big fluffy, curly natural hair. I just think that she chose the wrong type of hair is all. Yes she went natural a few months ago so this is definitely a wig but the wrong one nonetheless. I still dig her just not this look.

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