Has a hairstylist ever refused to do your natural hair?

Hola peeps! I saw a snippet of the new VH1 hair salon reality show, Beverly Hills Fabulous which stars celebrity hairstylist/salon owner, Elgin Charles (Jackée Harry’s ex-husband) .  I must say I don’t foresee myself tuning in weekly, yet it does seem like you can get a good laugh just by watching the shenanigans that goes on in the salon.  The one thing that opened my ears/eyes was when I heard one of the stylist say something along the lines of  if you have natural hair then he wants no parts of it.  **what, what, what??**  Sorry I don’t have the exact quote but I was just stunned what came out of his mouth.  I understand that every stylist has their own preference or level of expertise but really?!?  I don’t know about you but I felt that it could have been addressed differently.

So let’s take it back to the title of this post—Has a hairstylist ever refused to do your natural hair?  What did you do or how did you respond?  Do tell….


4 thoughts on “Has a hairstylist ever refused to do your natural hair?

  1. I have not been refused my hair down but comments have been made when getting micro’s that they wish they would have known because they wouldn’t have done it. “your hair is so thick” Thanks.. When your going bald and I’m losing strands my hair will still look good because I’m won’t be bald no time soon. Maybe gray but not bald. I feel a sleep on the show last night. I watch it for comedy. I love the tall skinny blonde guy. He is something else and it sounds like something that he would have said with his smart mouth!

    1. Hey Ms. Holland! I have heard that line before as well—“your hair is so thick” especially when I was relaxed. I remember back in the day I would literally have to walk stylists through on how to handle my hair. Eventually I started doing my own and only went to the salon for special occassions. Now that I am fully natural I haven’t been to a hairstylist in over 2.5 years! I like doing my own hair; that way I don’t have to explain to the stylist what I want and not feel let down if it doesn’t turn out right. So in the end I can only blame myself if it looks like shiznit! 😮 Yes you guessed right it was him that said that! Shame on him…haha!

  2. I am almost certain that this gentleman was featured in Chris Rocks “Good Hair”. If you have never seen this movie/ documentary, PLEASE WATCH. “Good Hair” is comical but also brings light to the thoughts and actions of the African American community while on the pursuit of ‘Good Hair’ but, I digress. If this is the same gentleman, then he was shown in the film purchasing Indian hair weaves for his upscale clients. While purchasing and reviewing the merchandise, he provided his personal and professional thoughts on ‘Good Hair’. Even if you are not a Chris Rock fan or don’t support Natural hair views, this movie is still entertianing and even informative in some ways.

    1. Hi Leonette! Sadly enough I have not watched Good Hair yet even though I have the dvd….crazy I know. Wow that is something else though! I just may have to dig out the dvd so that I can hear his commentary. As I said before, hairstylists have every right to specialize in whatever they want but he said that he doesn’t want any part of natural hair as if it was contagious or something. Oh well some people and their silly thoughts. Let’s keep it moving natural ladies…as I always say I will throw it over my shoulder like a grain of salt. Thanks for the feedback!

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