Balance—How do you find it in life?

Hola peeps!  Ok the post title says it all….how do you find balance in your life?  I must admit that as I get older and acquire more responsibilities I am having a difficult time balancing it all.  City life has got me feeling run down, work is pushing me to the limit, and I am frustrated because I feel there is no way out.  Lately I have been feeling like I need to take a time out and recharge before a socket is blown, if you get my drift.  Blessed…yes I am to have life, family, and good health but “me time” is so needed right now. So I am reaching out to you all for some words of wisdom, please help!

**Sorry I know that this has nothing to do with fashion or hair but I had to get this out…thks for listening**


4 thoughts on “Balance—How do you find it in life?

  1. Balance for me comes from getting enough sleep, reading books I enjoy, being thankful and getting enough sleep. Did I mention sleeping? LOL I really like to sleep, a good eight hours if I can manage it, but certainly six. I also drink lots of herbal teas (and green!) and sleep. Did I mention sleep? Sleep, definitely. A vacation could be nice, though (sleep there, too!), or a “staycation” just to take time out and rest (sleep).

    1. Hi Lizz!! You are too funny I take it sleep is key? lol. Funny as it is I know that it is very important and I need to take your advice because as of late I have not been getting anywhere near 8 hours. I do indulge in herbal teas though and I try to get some exercise in. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Sounds like either a vacation or change of pace is needed. Pray on it and seek guidance. You’ll get your answer. Miss ya! I bought your niece a sewing machine for her birthday. She doesn’t know!

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