Staring @ Your Hair—Does it bother you when people do this?

Hola peeps! I have just have one question today—Does it bother you when people stare at your hair?  For me I take it with a grain of salt because they could be looking out of admiration or even disgust  **i don’t care**.  What I do care about is the fact that they do it in a sneaky way….so silly to me.  Just yesterday I was on the subway and a lady sitting down was peaking over her magazine staring at my hair.  Depending on their facial expression I usually either give them the full on stare down back or to tease I swirl and fluff my hair in their face **in case there is any thought that it is fake**.

My take on this is I just wish that they would say they like my hair **which many people have done** or if they don’t then please don’t stare, it is just rude.  What do you think about this?  Has this happened to you and what did you do?  Do tell…

**image was pulled from google pics–that is not me :o)**



9 thoughts on “Staring @ Your Hair—Does it bother you when people do this?

  1. Oh God, I do that too sometimes. Never when the person is facing me though I do hate it when people stare at my hair but I look away and pretend as if I don’t know.
    BUT (big but here), if your hair is really, really nice, I’ll go up to you and tell you. I’m just not big on speaking to strangers, even if it’s to tell them how much I love their hair 😛

    1. Hi Anne! I know what you mean sometimes someone’s hair is so fly that you can’t help but look. This particular situation was strange though. Oh well, I will continue to carry on. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Big hair tends to get people’s attention; in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio (or anywhere in the state, for that matter) big hair is stared at. I’m surprised it would happen in NYC or Los Angeles. Big city dwellers tend to be more open-minded and fashion/beauty savvy. They know the big hair look is in (and for some celebs like Diana Ross and Chaka Khan it never went out). What’s tough is living in a place where your look is so incredibly unique that just about everybody notices you. In NYC that might get you a guest appearance on a TV show, but in less populated areas it just gets on your nerves.

    1. Hi Lizz! I totally understand but even when my hair isn’t in it’s “Diana Ross” state the stares continue. NYC is definitely diverse but there is still alot of shock value that goes down here, especially in the city **Manhattan**. I think that the outer boroughs **BK, Bronx or wherever** are more open to people/things being different but some are still stunned. Oh well I will just continue to smile and keep on moving. Thanks for the feedback 😮

  3. Yeah I agree with your statement. My hair is my hair and the older I get I learn to appreciate it more. Although I’m relaxed. What kills me is ignorance. When I get braids or when I’ve gotten a hair piece. You saw me yesterday with 3inches of hair and now it’s down my back. Why ask me is that mine. I love admiring peoples hair because I always look at it like can I do that with my hair or how would that look on me.

    1. Hi Ms. Holland! Yesterday I wore my hair big and curly **a cashier called me Ms. Ross as a compliment** and perhaps that is just too much for some folks to handle. As I continue to say I take it all with a grain of salt and throw it right over my shoulder and keep it moving. Oh and I know what you mean about people asking whether “is that real”, as if your hair really can grown 3 inches over night…lol.

  4. I don’t have people stare at mine (that I’ve noticed), but I do love looking at other people’s hair and overall dress. It’s a little odd to do it sneakily though… I usually just tell them haha.
    You have awesome hair by the way (I’m assuming that’s you in the picture?). I’ve always wished mine was curly 🙂

    1. Hi Skyliner! First I must say that isn’t me in the pic as that was pulled from online **you can see my hair if you go to the “My Updates” category in the side bar**. I too check out other people’s hair but I don’t do it ina sneaky way, like I said it is just silly. If I admire someone’s hair I simply give them a compliment but I have caught people actually inspecting my hair and it is just annoying! Don’t wish you too can have big curly hair, if not naturally then rollers always works 😮 Thanks for stopping by as well!

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