Let Me Get Into Your Head….

Hola mi gentes!  I hope all is good.  I just wanted to pose a question to you today—how do you prefer to wear your natural hair?  Do you like for it to be loose and fancy free or twisted/braided/loc’d up?  Just a thought, as I have been doing more protective styles lately (mostly because of the freezing weather) but it is starting to grow on me more.  I consider myself to be more of a wash and go chica but I am enjoying the limited time I have to deal with my hair because it is either twisted or braided. 

What works for you and why?  Do tell….



4 thoughts on “Let Me Get Into Your Head….

  1. Right now my hair is relaxed, and I’m growing it out in order to go BACK to natural. When it was natural I wore it twisted up on both sides and pinned under, sort of like a modern take on a Victorian ‘do. I got sick of wearing it that way, but I really didn’t know what else to do with my hair (and had yet to discover all the wonderful hair products, namely from Carol’s Daughter, that would help me to wear it in other ways). Once it’s natural again I’m going to wear it down all the time, no matter the weather!

    1. Hi Lizz! I understand your frustration with wearing your hair the same way. I have fallen into that same category a time or two but when i get bored that is when my creativity sets in. I love to wear my hair down but since this NY weather has been so frigid the up-do has been my best friend. Definitely experiment when you go back to natural—finger coils are easy to do as well as a braid-out. That is the beauty of natural hair the options are endless, continue to play around with it until it is right. 😮

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