Natural Hair and Fashion Week Recap

Hola peeps! Boy it feels like it has been FOREVER since I posted anything about hair.  I blame it on the fashion week rush that I have been caught up in.  Now don’t get me wrong I love when NYFW rolls around but it can be exhausting **and i didn’t even attend all the shows on my agenda…crazy**!  So I have been trying to take it easy today and catching up on some much needed rest but also working on composing several recaps to share with you guys.  So first up I wanted to hit on naturals and fashion week.  To my surprise every show that I attended there were several naturally fly chicas and chicos on hand.  **i added in quite a few shots of my mane since you haven’t seen it in awhile 😮 Enjoy the pics!

me @ jeantrix show---twist-out updo
love the color and curlz on this chica in the white blazer @ jeantrix show
big juicy waves, close cut fades, and kinky curls all @ designer's premier show
designers coco and breezy with some tiny curly cuties @ designer's premier show
her bantu knots is so hot! - designer's premier show
love all elements of natural hair shown here @ designer's premier show
me @ designer's premier show rockin a textured bun with curly bangs
me @ Don'Christian Mar show rockin a wash n go
my girl Tenelle ( and I --transitioning to sistalocs
Don'Christian and I--joking around with his curlz

***Much thanks to JStynze Photography for all the great pics!***



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