NYFW Show Review—Farai, Sammy B, Swiyyah Akhtab and more!

Hola mi gentes! Busy, busy, busy over here at SNC yet I am still hanging in full swing with NYFW.  On Sunday I had the opportunity to attend the Designer’s Premier F/W 11 collections held at the Fashion Gallery, a lovely studio space located in Chelsea.  There were several designers that ripped the runway and we are here to give you full coverage.  Enjoy!
“Madame’s Rouge”-FARAI by Fari Simoyi Edgy, romantic, and fresh describes this collection (www.faraisimoyi.com)



Designer- Farai Simoyi

“Industrial Revolution” by Shelia Frank– Bold lines, dark colors and strong silhouettes makes up this collection (www.sheilafrank.com) and (www.envishoes.com)
Sheila Frank
Sheila Frank
Designer- Sheila Frank
“Reaching For The Stars- Hollywood Glamour” by Kristi Vosbeck- sexy movie stars, elegance and rich misses is what this collection is all about (www.kristivosbeck.com)
Kristi Vosbeck
Kristi Vosbeck
Designer- Kristi Vosbeck
“Concrete Jungle” by Swiyyah Akhtab– grit, grim and beauty reeks within this collection (swiyyahdesigns@yahoo.com)
Swiyyah Akhtab
Swiyyah Akhtab
Designer- Swiyyah Akhtab
“Timeless Beauty” by T~TymeLady T Couture– sophisticated, coiffed hair, and elaborate fabrics is what this collection brings to the table (www.t-tlc.com) (www.biggirlzincom)
T~TymeLady Couture
T~TymeLady Couture
Designer- T~TymeLady Couture
“Adaeze” by Sammy B. (Samantha Black)- intricate details and bold textiles adorn this collection (www.sammydesigns.com)
Sammy B.
Sammy B.
Designer- Sammy B. (Samantha Black)

Much thanks goes out to J Stynze Photography for the pics and Farai for the invite.  More pics to come  so please stay tuned!  Also please be sure to contact us if additional pics are needed or if they are used.


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