My Hair Update—Jan Hair Collage

Hola! I hope that your Saturday is going great.  I wanted to share my Jan hair recap.  The first month of the year was a busy one for me with SNC but I was so lazy with my hair.  I didn’t really experiment with my hair too much.  I stuck with wash, deep conditioning and oiling my hair.  As far as my daily style it was basically a twist out or I would spritz my refresh mix and go.  What have you done to your hair lately?



2 thoughts on “My Hair Update—Jan Hair Collage

  1. Since the weather has been so cold in the South, I braided my hair with yarn. The has served as the best protective style for me. It was cheap and my hair can rest until it warms up a little.

    1. Hi Leonette! I know what you mean about the weather, it has been crazy cold up here in the NE. I have never tried braiding my hair with yarn and really not sure how to do that. Hummm now I have to research you got me curious….lol. Thanks for stopping by!

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