Let me put you on to GOSSYP!

Hola mi gentes! Today let me put you on to some GOSSYP! No not what you are thinking, I am talking about the fresh on the scene sister duo.  Their new video and single “GOSSYP ON YA LIPS” has just dropped and they are ready to take on the music world!  I would describe them as funky, fun, and fab all rolled into one.  However, I had the opportunity to ask the ladies some questions so they can tell you what they are all about.  Check it out…

Who makes up the group–Gossyp?
G– Gossyp consists of two sisters Amina & Adina

How long have you been performing together?

G-We have been a performing duo for about 10 years now, whew sounds long but since we are sisters it makes sense lol
How did you get your start in the music biz?
G-Well the way we started in the music business originated with our mother. She knows many ppl and word of mouth is pretty effective so we eventually got hooked up with a music manager. As we got older and grew musically we fell into the hands of our current music manager Basco Rebenga and well the rest is history.
Describe the sound of Gossyp and where does your inspiration come from?
G-Due to us having an eclectic sound fused with many sounds, we made up our own genre of music we call “Urban Techno Pop Electro”. We are highly inspired by various artists that range from Prince to Luther Vandross to even U2 and the Beatles. Also, being that we are from Long Island there is a popular audience for techno fist pumping music which we love! We have an appreciation for all kinds of music.

Who are some of your fave musical artists?

GI’m going to keep it kind of modern but I pretty much respect and adore the likes of Beyonce and Kanye West. My all time favorite vocalists growing up was Monica and Christina Aguilera. We also love Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Your style is fab and very unique—do you have a fave designer?

G-Thank you! We wouldn’t say that we say that we have a favorite designer in particular but we loved the creativity & avant garde talents of the late Alexander McQueen. We enjoy the classic timeless look of Chanel and appreciate the bold look of Dior. For the most part we absolutely LOVE vintage! Thrift stores and Mommy’s closet is our favorite lol.

Do you have a glam squad?

G-We have an awesome stylist Ta-lia Elyse! You will be able to see her work in our upcoming video for “Gossyp On Ya Lips”

What does the future hold for Gossyp?  Where would you like to see yourselves in the near future?
GThe future for Gossyp is endless. We see ourselves touring, becoming international superstars, female moguls and whatever our heart desires we will do…whether it be film, tv, fashion, writing books or producing films.
Tell us something about Gossyp that your fans don’t know.
GOur fans may not know that we are complete CLOWNS! We are jokesters to the 100th power and Adina does the best impersonations ever! Plus she has an amazing British accent. Also we are both trained actresses.
Where can people connect with you?  Twitter, FB, etc…?
GEveryone can always connect with us via Twitter: twitter.com/Gossyp (@Gossyp). We can be reached on FB:facebook.com/Gossyp and most importantly our website www.GOSSYPWORLD.com !
Thank you ladies for the interview!  Be sure to check their site for a link to itunes to download their new single.  Enjoy!

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