Hair rut…

Hola mi gentes! Ok let’s get to it….I am in a hair rut!  Ever since I  have been natural I have accepted that I tend to have a love/dislike (no hate) relationship with my hair.  I usually let it take the lead because I feel as if I am fighting a losing battle.  Don’t get me wrong it is not so bad that I am thinking of relaxing but I am at the point of just feeling blah about my hair.  So what should I do with my hair?  A cute protective style?  No heat roller-set?  Hummm….what do you suggest?  I need your help!



4 thoughts on “Hair rut…

  1. Have you blowed it out? I’m curious to see what your hair would look like straight I wouldn’t relax it after you’ve come this far. You’ve made a great stride with going back natural. I love the curls. I wish that I had the patience to do that with my hair. Maybe for the summer.

    1. Humm..that is a thought but I am against using direct heat on my hair because I don’t want heat damage. Although I am curious to see what it would look like straight since I haven’t seen that since 2008! I don’t know maybe the no heat roller-set will work and stretch my hair. I just want something different yet protect it from this wicked winter weather. Thanks for the feedback I will let you know what I come up with.

      1. I know exactly how you feel! When I’m in a less than delightful and motivated space with my hair I throw it into two french braids. A little water and more conditioner and braid. If I’m just tired of the same ‘ole, same ‘ole… I muster up some energy to look at youtube videos for new hair styles and then play in the mirror until something fits. Stay motivated, don’t blow it out.

      2. Hi Kisha! I am glad that someone understands. I really need to get my braiding skills up to par, my goal is to teach myself how to cornrow this year. A blowout is not in my future, as I mentioned before I am too chicken for that. No heat has touched my hair since 2008 and I would like to keep it that way. I will work out something soon enough. Thanks for the feedback!

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