WP Challenge Topic—How do you define a friend?

Hola! I hope that your Saturday is going well.  WP came up with another great topic for the postaday2011 challenge—“How do you define a friend?” This topic really struck a chord with me as it seems that the older I get the less real friends I have.  Yes there are always acquaintances but finding and keeping a true friend is very rare.  It could just be that people tend to grow apart or more so in different directions.

We all have our own personal paths in life and sometimes that means separating from people and things that were once apart of it daily. However, I don’t think that means that the friendship ends but when it should be the strongest.  To understand and respect each other’s personal growth is a part of the foundation of a true friendship…and that to me defines a friend.

So, what are your thoughts…how do you define a friend?

***Bonus…What are the three things you can do to be a better friend to the people in your life?




2 thoughts on “WP Challenge Topic—How do you define a friend?

  1. I always here in church about people coming into your life for a reason and that’s how I see friends. I agree with what you are saying that the older you get the less friends that you tend to have. I feel like as your grow things change and those friends may not always change with you. There for they either remain an aquintanence or stay a true friend. I’ve always asked myself about my bff. How we are still friends since 8th grade and we are so different? I rarely see her but we make sure we keep in touch no matter what. Her life is going in a totally different path than mine and we may do things a little different but whenever one of us needs a shoulder to cry one or just needs to talk we are right there for each other. So with that said being a true friend is loving that person and not judging who they are. Listening and caring. I think I kind of went in different direction than I started my comment but I think you get it. LOL

    1. I totally got what you meant 😮 It is funny because you would think that friends would respect, love and roll with ya in any situation as long as it is not harmful in anyway to anyone. I suppose we all live and learn. All I have to say it love the time spent, enjoy each day and hold on to the true friends that you do have.

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