My Happy Hair!

Hola mi gentes! I wish you guys well.  OMG I never knew how good a true pre-poo detangling session could be until I used Castor Oil!  My hair so soft and shiny, it is literally singing praises…lol.  I’ve been neglecting my hair the last few weeks so it was definitely time I gave it some TLC.  Here’s what I did:


-on dry (very dirty) hair sectioned into fours I drenched my hair with Castor Oil

-lightly detangled with my fingers and a wide tooth seamless comb

-twisted each section

-slept with satin bonnet


-took down/shampooed each section of my hair

-repeated the process with conditioner

-rinsed hair and proceeded to style as usual

Dry detangling is the the way to go for me.  In the past I would detangle in the shower with tons of conditioner in my hair which was fine but it took much longer.  Doing this routine prior to washing with the Castor Oil makes my hair more manageable, which is perfect because it cuts my wash/condish time in half.  I have mentioned many times before the more my hair grows the harder it is to remove the knots, now however I think that I have found the remedy to combat that.  This process has allowed me to finally have happy hair!




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