Hate it or Love it?—Jordan V Heels Black University

Hola!  What’s good with ya?!  Ok, I am not much of a sneaker fan unless they are my workout Nike’s.  It’s strange but I don’t feel like myself in them **more of a flats/boots girl**; however there are some chicks who can rock a mean sneaker with no fail.  This Jordan V Heel that I saw on Kicksbay  is for the sneakerhead at heart yet also for the girl who wants a little bit of sass as well.  Hummm I am on the fence…so you pick.  Do you hate it or love it and why?



4 thoughts on “Hate it or Love it?—Jordan V Heels Black University

  1. lol they’re fake! nike and jordan brand dont make heels…never have, and i hope they never will lol…even if they were real i wouldnt like them lol…in high school i was into sneakers, but now i’m a flats/boots girl too…i have one pair of sneakers that i wear once in a blue moon and they’re converse chuck taylors

    1. Too funny…lol. I was wondering but as I stated before I have never really been into sneakers so it doesn’t matter to me. However, if I did these wouldn’t be my pick. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I feel ya Robin! It is def taking it back but I suppose with the right outfit or perhaps the right editorial shot can make these look like they belong in the here and now. Like I said I think that some chicks can pull it off, I just won’t be one of them..lol.

  3. I’m a sneakerhead. Love Jordans and Nike’s but I’m so over the sneaker heels. I had a pair of tan ones when they came out with the ones that looked like Nike Legends. I just recently got rid of them. They were still like new too. Not a fan of them. These just remind me of the “shiny suit” era the commercialness (i’m sure thats not a word) of hiphop. Just taking it a little to far!

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