Hair advice—Listen, Follow, and Be Patient

Hola!  I hope that your Saturday has been going great.  Just wanted to share some comparison pics of my hair from Nov 09 to Dec 10.  Boy, during this time my hair has gone through texture changes, grown quite nicely, and has totally taken over…lol.  Everyday is different when it comes to my tresses.  Some days a WnG is right on, then at other times my Power Puff is the way to go.  I have learned to LISTEN to my hair and I pay attention to it’s needs—when it is dry I add moisture, too many tangles then I deep condition and it goes on from there.  I let it take the lead and FOLLOW.  It is so much easier that way because I would be fighting a losing battle and risk looking a hot mess…lol! 

My advice to naturals (new and old) is to remember that patience is key.  In due time you will retain the length you want, have the shine that you long for or whatever it is that you are trying to achieve.  Just listen, follow, and BE PATIENT you will reap the rewards soon enough.  Until then Keep Growing peeps!

Nov 2009--one month natural


Nov 2009--one month natural


Dec 2010--1yr 2mos natural


Dec 2010--1yr 2mos natural




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