Killer Curlz and Color!

Hola peeps! I just wanted to share this pic that I LOVE!  Her name is Reanna Wilborn (model) and her hair is too fly.  It makes me think about color even more.  I dyed my hair only once and that was when I was relaxed back in college.  Since I refuse to use any chemicals I am seriously considering henna.  It will not only add a bit of color but also add shine and softness.  Hummm…decisions.  I will be sure to keep you guys posted.  Until then enjoy the pic!

welovecurls:  naturalhairfetish:  Reanna Wilborn, from her ModelMayhem profile.  WANT HER HAIR LIKE NOW


3 thoughts on “Killer Curlz and Color!

  1. OMG I love it! I so would love a new color tired of hiding the grey with black. It’s time to pop this year. Any suggestions? Something nice but no to crazy for the work force!

    Arianna jokes me all the time. How is daddy older than you and he has no grey and you are younger and have a lot! Thanks Arianna!

    1. Humm it depends if you are trying to go lighter or darker. If you don’t want anything too crazy and it is winter I would say go darker. Perhaps a rich medium brown(borderline reddish brown) to highlight your features and hide your grey! Too funny about Arianna. lol

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