WP Challenge—How do you communicate…talk, text, or social media?

Hola! A new topic today from the challenge and a pretty good one at that.  Technology has aggressively changed the world in the last few years.  We are all linked, wired, socializing, and checking in on something!  I can’t even lie I am very dependent on my DROID without it I feel lost **lol..smh**.  However, I would have to say that I communicate mainly by texting unless it is for business or an elderly person.  I suppose I chose this route because it is easier and faster.  We all lead busy lives and sometimes it is just easier to text.  Every now and then it is good to pick up the phone and have a good old fashion conversation as well 🙂

So what do you prefer—talk, text, email, tweet, facebook, IM or something else?  Do tell…



Sound Off Peeps...what do you think?

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