WP Challenge—3 Countries I’d Like to Visit

Hola! Happy New Year, I hope that today you aren’t waking up from a terrible hangover or something worse..lol.  I wish you all many blessings and good times in the coming year.

As mentioned in my previous post WordPress has started a fun challenge–Postaday 2011.  I have tried to post at least once a day anyway but there are times when  I am either to busy or just stumped on what to write about that I skip a day or two.  So I joined this challenge as a way to inspire me to post everyday for the year of 2011.  Along with this they email different ideas/topics to talk about to help you along—how great is that!?!  I plan to do my best and stick with it…wish me luck.

**The 3 countries I would like to visit and why are (in no particular order):

1.  Spain—  I don’t know what it is but is just seems so romantic, beautiful, and full of life.  One day I plan to take a trip to experience the people, food, and culture of Espana!  Check out—Necesito Espana (I Need Spain):

2.  Turks and Caicos— If you know me then you know how I feel about the water, beaches and warm weather!  I really believe that I am a true island baby instead of VA bred…lol…there is just something about the Caribbean that sits so well with me.  Back in 2007 this country was on my list to visit but somehow Cozumel, Mexico beat it out so I didn’t go.  I plan to go here to soak up the sun and sand soon enough!

3.  Greece— This country is such a dream to me, it seems so peaceful.  I love the architecture and history that dwells in the cities but I can’t leave out the beautiful Mykonos islands!  This place is definitely on my to visit list.

**Are there any fab places on your list to visit this year or in the coming years?  Do tell…



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