Hair Goals…2011

Hola! I know , I know we are all now being bombarded with questions like “What are you new year’s resolutions??? or What are your goals for the new year??”. After awhile it just seems lame to make a resolution or a list per say because a lot of folks don’t keep them anyway.  However, I wanted to share mine and find out what are your hair goals are for 2011?

For me I really want to:

1) Keep it simple, as in let my hair take the lead and go with the flow.

2) I would like to retain length, which I think that I will especially once summer rolls around.  My hair thrives on the moisture that comes with humidity—crazy.

3) Teach myself to conrow.  This is going to be a tough one but I think that I can do it.  I see way too many cute styles that I am missing out on because I cannot cornrow.

4) Get a detangling method and stick to it.   You may have heard me mention before how difficult it is becoming to detangle as my hair gets longer.  This is a MUST!

5) Continue to condition but seek out a deep conditioner that really works.  I have tried many but I still feel as if there is one out that there will truly moisturize, detangle, and keep my hair smooth.  Any advice?

Ok there you have it my hair goals for 2011, now it is your turn.  What are your goals if any?  Do tell….



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