Monday’s Muse—Lisa Bonet

Hola peeps! Welcome to Monday!  Today’s muse is the always funky and creative Lisa Bonet, aka Denise Huxtable.  I don’t know about you but I loved The Cosby Show (still watch reruns) and more so loved Denise on the show.  Yes her style was always unique and on point but my true fascination with her was her HAIR!!!  One episode it would be long with waves, the next it was short and curly, eventually she moved on to locs.  It is crazy to think back about how I wished my hair would be curly/kinky like hers but at that time I was young and didn’t know any better.  Now that I do I am proud that I have embarked on this natural hair journey and I am loving every moment.  So check out some of her ‘dos that inspired me.  Was she your fave on the show, if not then who?  Come on do tell



2 thoughts on “Monday’s Muse—Lisa Bonet

  1. Always loved her and her fine ex hubby Lenny Kravitz. Her new man is fine as well. Her style is really funky and I love it! Love her dreads!

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