My Hair—Roll, Tuck and Pin

Hola! I hope that this Saturday finds you well.  Just a quick post about my hair.  Currently I just don’t want to deal with my hair and it is partially me being lazy but also the frigid weather.  I sooooo miss summer and my WNG but I know there is nothing I can do about that unless I move to a warmer climate.  To combat the cold and protect my hair from it I have created what I call “Roll, Tuck and Pin” ‘do.  You can see from the pics below that it really isn’t anything fancy but it is quick and easy.

My tools: Banana Clip, 2 hair combs, bobby/hair pins

What I did: Sectioned hair–top and back, pinned the top out of the way.  Spritzed the sides and back of hair with my “refresh mix” (consists of oils + H2O), then smoothed the sides with a dime-sized of Eco-Styler gel.  Put hair up in banana clip, grab hold of the hair that is out roll it, tuck the ends under and then secure it in place with the combs/bobby pins.  Then I add just a tiny amount of gel on the front to smooth my edges, roll, tuck and pin to create the slight pompadour that you see.  Viola all done!

This ‘do was done on an old WNG so my hair was dry and a bit easier to manage for this style.  Let me know your thoughts on this look.  Enjoy!





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