Friday Sass—Afroart

Hola and Happy Friday! As the holidays approach I am in total denial that I haven’t started shopping, yet while scouring the web I have come across some really unique gift ideas.  Afroart is a really cool site that I stumbled upon.  They are a Swedish company that works with local artisans to showcase the crafts from developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  Here is a snippet from their site:

“The idea is to design tools, develop and market adaptation of the traditional craftsmanship and thus help create new jobs in regions where the craft is currently the main source of income. This allows the unique traditions of craftsmanship will be able to survive and that the Swedish public has access to the world craftsmanship.”

I am loving the handmade jewelry and accessories from Mali.  So let’s get to the sass, here are a few of my fave gift  picks.  Enjoy!

Leather Bag, Mali

Keyring Masaii

Earrings Mali

Necklace Fulani Gold



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