New Hair Revelations….

Hola mi gentes!  I hope that your week has been going great.  Just a quick post here that takes me back to a week ago (dang Thanksgiving has come and gone quick!).  While home visiting the fam for the holiday I noticed a tremendous change in my mom’s opinion towards natural hair and more specifically MY natural hair.  If you are a follower of my blog then you know that I have stated before how against it she was and didn’t understand why I chopped off  my long hair.  Well, it is funny how time changes the mind of people…she was actually complimenting me on my hair this go around.  She stated that she liked it much better now that it had some length and the various styles that I am able to do now.  My mom even mentioned that she hasn’t had a relaxer in 3 months herself and is looking forward to not putting another one in her hair!  **shocker!!**

I am proud to say that I think that I had a little bit to do with this change of mind of hers.  She asked me about different products—what is good and not so good for natural hair.  I was so happy to give her some insight into what will be a beautiful thing as she starts on this journey.  Now I know my mom she can be a bit wishy-washy so I will continue to check in on her progress to see how far she goes.  It is just great to finally see women accepting their hair for what it is instead of trying to hide it from the masses.  So tell me did your fam over the holiday have “nice” things to say about your hair?  Is anyone transitioning or did the big chop in your fam that surprised you?  Do tell…



2 thoughts on “New Hair Revelations….

  1. Your hair is beautiful!!. I love this story, big ups to your mom for even considering the thought of doing away with rrelaxers. Even, if she does not fully commit thats still progress especially since you stated she was not for it in the beginning of your journey.

    But, I’ m secretly hoping she goes for it totally. :)) Take care.


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