Flashback…My November Hair…

Hola peeps!  Wow can you believe that it is already December?  Time flies crazy fast.  As last month I wanted to post again a flashback of my hair–November.  Last month I tried out a few new products some didn’t work well for me (JC Curl Defining Cream), while others worked great (CD Tui Jojoba and Shea Butter Hair Sheen)!  I also learned that deep conditioning is a must.  The sad part is I didn’t deep condition my hair at all the month of November and my hair is definitely telling me now that it is time! 

I must say though that my hair is growing like crazy and it is starting to be a battle with shampooing.  If you have any tips on pre-pooing and detangling I would really appreciate it, because it is becoming no joke..lol.  With all of this said I again will say that I love being natural, as each stage of growth is a new and exciting journey!

Now that I have shared, how was your November hair?  Growth, new products..?  Do tell.



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