Magazine Fiend…

Hola!  This post’s title refers to me, because I am truly a magazine fiend!  I know some of you may think that with the technology of the world today what would be the need to pick up an actual magazine instead of just hopping online.  Well for me I just love browsing mags–flipping through each page, the ease of being able to tear out pages for inspiration, or perhaps marking them to return to later.  Again, I know that can still all basically be done on a computer.  However, I still love my mags. 

My love affair began during my pre-teen years when I was into YM, Teen, Right On!, Black Beat and more (dang I am dating  I couldn’t wait to go to the store to pick  up the latest in fashion and music.  Now as an adult that love affair continues on as I have a vast collection of LUCKY, Essence, NYLON, as well as vintage (sadly short-lived) SUEDE and Honey mags. 

I look forward to adding more to my collection because today I was totally shocked when I saw that the mag section in a drugstore I was in had shrunk.  Really  I wish that you guys would have seen my face as I wondered to the other side of the aisle thinking that I had missed them but no—nada!  I know that there has been a lot of talk in the industry concerning mags  and whether they will be able to withstand the online competition.  Yes some has folded and others I think has just decided to go online because it will cut costs, allow for immediate reader interaction, as well as be able to reach customers all over the globe.  I don’t know about you but I don’t like this one bit…I need my mags and don’t know what I would do if they were to disappear.  I mean really how would one cure a magazine fiend anyway…lol?!?  Are you guys with me on this one or am I alone?  Do tell…

**sorry this is a long post but as you can see i am very passionate about**

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